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Inspiring Working Mum

Hello ! Its’ been years that I have written something. There are few things in life that I never thought myself into getting in. First is to get married and second is to become a mum. Maybe for many others, getting married and having kids are something compulsory or normal, but to me, it is something near unattainable maybe due to my rebellious plus introvert characters.

But long story short, I finally get hitched and had a baby girl last year. My life turned upside down literally! but in a good way. I am constantly busy, but happy. Yes, that should be the way it is. Unlike office works, you have a time for the end of business day. But being a mum, it is a constant affair and it has no end day.

After 3 months of good rest, I finally backed to my office works, stepping in office again felt brand new and fresh. I can feel the renew energy and outlook for my works. I also learned that working mom have the following perks compare to stay home mom: -

  • You have a focus point

Didn’t they tell you stay home mom also quite stressful. Constant feeding milks to baby, baby crying, changing diapers of pee / poo and getting lost with time and losing focus when you get too much opinion on how to take care of your baby. Yes, at works, you know your shit, but when it comes to baby, you want to provide the best for them, so there is always a lot of opinions around you that sounded like e.g. the milk too hot, the milk too cold.

  • You start to take care of yourself back

When you’re at home most time, you forget to dress up and you forget about yourself. And you forget to dye your hair, take care of your skin and forget to get in shape because you don’t have to dress up ! This will cause you look literally like a nobody. In fact, you start thinking it is okay because you are married and your husband love you unconditionally. But I think in life, everything needs efforts.

  • Financially Independent

Having the ability to generate income is the best feeling as an adult. Recently, I watched a documentary about how poverty affecting future and next generation. It is a eco-system for human to be self-sufficient and generate income because that’s pay our rent, mortgage and utilities.  By doing that, our next generation will continue the eco-system to generate income, and it will build a sustainable model.


To all super working mum outside, happy work day !